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Nepu village: the school

The construction of the school, started in late 2004 and was finished in April 2005.

Placing the Headstone
Men at work

The school built in the traditional Tibetan style, hosts 6 classes (from 1 st to 3 rd grade), the resident teacher’s home, one big room for school meetings, a warehouse and a kitchen. The school is equipped with traditional Tibetan outdoor hygienic facilities.

A big yard protected by a wall has been planted with many trees that were offered in 2004 thank to a further specific donation of Chiesi Group as well as a group of international Neonatologists of the “Curosurf Family”. In 2005 a further donation was used to buy equipments for the new school (desks, chairs, books, notebooks).

School, people and trees
The school
The school and school yard
Little students and the teacher

In August 2005, when the LHO Representatives visited Nepu, during their yearly trip to Tibet to bring the humanitarian helps, the schoolyear had already started and the children were very happy and proud of their new, beautiful school and greeted the LHO representatives with their best smiles.

Learning moments
The class and the teacher

The Representatives of the Local Government declared that the school of Nepu is the best one in that remote area and it has been included in the Government Teaching Programme.

Nepu village: the Dispensary

In 2005 the sponsorship of Chiesi Group and Nycomed was used to build the dispensary, located near the school.

In August the structure was almost finished and the dispensary will be also used by the people living in other villages near Nepu.

The dispensary has a waiting room, a surgery room, a larger room that will hosts some beds, a warehouse for medicines and a two-room flat for the resident doctor and his family.

The dispensary
The surgery room

It will be included in the Government Medical Assistance Facilities and soon a Tibetan doctor will be appointed to work in the new dispensary, the only one available in a large area where up to now there was no medical assistance.

The local residents and the Members of the Local Government wish to warmly thank the Curosurf Family for the help they received which brought such important changes for the children’s and community’s lives. As a sign of their deepest gratitude, they offered to Chiesi Group a “Tangkha” (painting on cloth) of the Buddha of Medicine. It is a wonderful and precious painting handmade by the Monks of the Monastery of Tashilumpo in Shigatse, the closest town to Nepu.

The Tangkha was shown at the 21 st International Workshop on Surfactant Replacement (Curosurf Family Meeting) held in Oslo in June 2006, so that everyone taking part to this humanitarian project could see and appreciate the “Thank You” of the Nepu inhabitants.

Nepu and its people

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